Driver Knowledge Test (DKT)

The Driver Knowledge Test is the first step in getting your

driver licence. Here's how to prepare and book a time for your test. On this page

Prepare for the Driver Knowledge Test  HERE

The DKT is a computer-based test that you need to pass to get your class

C learner licence. You need to answer 45 questions about road rules and road safety.

You will be eligible to sit your driver licence test after completing all the requirements.


Prepare for the test by reading the Road User Handbook. It is

important that you read through the handbook before practicing

or sitting the test.

Read the test questions

All the questions that can appear in your test or the practice test are

listed in our Car licence (C class) question bank: Driver

Knowledge Test Questions (PDF 3.48MB)

Extra support for taking the test

Languages other than English – The DKT is available in English,

Arabic, Chinese, Croatian, Greek, Korean, Serbian, Spanish,

Turkish and Vietnamese.

A free interpreter service is available to people who need to

take the test in other languages. Please call 13 22 13 to

arrange an interpreter.

If you're from a disadvantaged background or Aboriginal community

The Driver Licensing Access Program can help you in your

journey to getting a licence.

There is also the "Get licensed, get legal, get work" program,

which helps with the literacy, numeracy and computer

skills needed to pass.

Additional needs – If you have trouble reading the test

questions, our staff can assist by reading the questions

and explaining them for you.

An audio version of the test (where you listen to the

questions) is also available in multiple languages.

Please call 13 22 13 to make arrangements with a service

center before you book your test.
 The DKT practice test

Like the real test, the practice test pulls 45 questions from

a set list of 600 questions. You can practice taking the

test as many times as you like.

Take the NSW Practice Test or download the app

from the App Store or Google Play

Unlike the real test, the practice DKT allows you to finish

all 45 questions, no matter how many you get wrong.

At the end of the practice test, you'll find out
if you passed or failed.
 What to do on the day of the test

Plan to arrive at the testing center in good time for your appointment.

What do I bring to my test?

If you fail the DKT

Depending on availability, you can re-sit the test on the same

day, or you can book to sit it another time.

You'll need to pay a test fee each time you attempt the test.
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